Does Crystal Healing Work

Ah, the crystal. These gorgeous gems have traditionally been used to help relieve stress and heal the body, and they make fab necklaces, bracelets and anklets as well. So it's no surprise that some folk, including rich and famous ones, have opted for crystal healing, a non-invasive therapy that relies on these sparkly, transparent gems for their perceived restorative and healthful properties.

Some people say it's all hype. But others - even well-known actors such as Shirley MacLaine and Michael York - say that crystals have unbelievable mystical powers that can heal and protect. They believe these cute little gems can do everything from protect people from muggers to help restore their dreams, and that they are more than a worthwhile investment.

The method is simple: Crystals or gemstones are places on parts of the body which are identified as "chakras," or having a specific life force. The body has seven main energy centers in and thus seven corresponding colors attached to them, so multi-colored crystals are employed.

The idea behind the crystals is that getting rid of all that nasty negative energy in a specific place can aid healing, which is what they are primarily used for. They get rid of the bad, and by doing so, heal and help bring in the good. Most crystal practitioners say that crystal healing is a way to focus yourself on what your body needs, much like a form of mediation. It is a complementary technique not intended to replace any type of medical care.

One way to look at it is like this: If you are battling a long-term illness with regular hospital care, crystal healing alongside your regular medication and therapies may help focus your optimism, give you a better sense of well-being and help you cope better. Or think of it this way: Investing money in little pieces of crystal is nothing but a complete waste of time, and a way for self-proclaimed crystal therapists to scam cash off innocent and naive (and also desperate) people.

Types of Crystal Healing

Most people believe crystal therapy works only by visiting a crystal practitioner. While this is the most well-known method, there are other applications which can have the same effect (or no effect at all!). They include:

* As mentioned, visit a crystal healer, or someone who is trained in the art of crystal healing. They can place specific crystals on you to heal a certain ailment.

* Wear a gemstone or crystal to keep you healthy, and heal and protect you as you go throughout your daily life.

* Place a crystal or several crystals in your bed. When you sleep you will feel recharged.

* Put crystals in your bathwater as you bathe for a wet, re-energizing experience.

* Use crystals during a specialized crystal meditation. This can be achieved either by holding a crystal or placing it next to you. Try and meditate while concentrating on the crystal powers.

* Use them in crystal reflexology and/or massage. Rub smooth crystals on your skin for maximum effect.

* Soak a crystal in water then drink it (with the crystal removed!). For something a bit more fun, make a crystal essence with a soaked crystal or gem, water and alcohol.

Crystal Clear Rules

Followers of crystal therapy believe you should follow these rules to get the most from your crystals:

* Always thoroughly cleanse a crystal before handling it. Remember they can hold another individual's energy, so this is important. How you cleanse them is irrelevant, you can use water, light, herbs or pure sound vibrations, if you wish.

* All good crystals need to recharge from time to time, so give them a break.

* Don't forget that when you acquire a new crystal you should always "program and dedicate" it, clearly stating your intention. Do this in advance of using it unless you want all its healing properties to be depleted.

* Like people, different crystals have different properties. Many people believe that crystals actually choose you because of what they can offer you. Is the decision you made the correct choice? Only you have the answer...

"Crystals Changed My Career"

Crystal therapist Lauren stumbled upon the use of crystals entirely by accident, with life-changing results. She visited a crystal therapist at the urging of her mother when she was pregnant with her second child.