How to Be an Office Goddess

If you want to stand out in a crowded office in 2010, then you have to channel your inner Office Goddess, there are some very important elements to carrying off this look and we've listed our top tips here for you:

Grooming - it's all about the grooming, you have to be seriously committed to this look, and that means no last minute scraping of the hair up into a pony tail. So set the alarm half an hour earlier and give it some dedication. A sexy up do is still perfect look but must be set off by serious hair accessories, and diamante hair accessories are the rule even for daytime with this trend (but make sure your hair is shiny and in tip top condition). The hair is essential to carry this look, so whether you have a soft bob, or a long lustrous look, make sure it always looks like you have just stepped out of the salon.

Top to toe - every little bit of you has to look clean and fresh, and in particular your nails, whether it's toes during the summer months with the peep toed wedges, or finger nails, no half bitten, no unpolished nails are acceptable. A simple gloss coat is fine, but you absolutely have to always dress the nails in some way. And that also goes for the accessories, a glamorous cocktail ring that screams quality to show off your lovely manicure.

The skirt - skirts rather than trousers are the rule for this trend, and the pencil skirt is the essential wardrobe item. In terms of colours it doesn't really matter as long as it is fitted to perfection and just shy of the knee and fabrics are interchangeable.

The top - the great thing about this trend is that it doesn't have to be all fitted matching suits, in fact its better if it isn't. The skirt is fitted and the top can be soft and silky or flouncy, we particularly recommend a soft Victorian style top with lovely lace and pearl necklace to add a touch of feminine grace. If you want to wear a jacket it's OK but go for a bang on trend padded shoulder one, but a soft cashmere cardigan works equally well and when teamed with a stunning diamante flower

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