In an Uncertain World by Robert E Rubin and Jacob Weisberg

Robert Rubin, who was the Treasury Secretary during the rein of Bill Clinton from 1995 to 1999, recounts his years in the halls of power, when the U.S. administration was called upon to make various tough economic and financial decisions. Starting his career at Goldman Sachs where he excelled in risk arbitrage and stock option trading, Rubin, who believes that uncertainty is part of life, makes candid admission of his mistakes, successes and efforts.

He offers clear insight on how U.S. administration policies and utterances have a vital impact on the world. He offers a window view of the gamut of work involved in formulating economic policies and strategies in the White House. He also highlights the fact that U.S. citizens fail to appreciate the nation's interdependence with other countries and the reach and sway of fiscal policies.

He sees a crying need for the citizens to understand the many implications and ramifications in order to assess properly the soundness behind the government's formulation of foreign and economic policies. Relating some vital events and happenings in an autobiographical vein, he gives his rather frank views on ex-President Bill Clinton and the handling of the Monica Lewis affair. Rubin also underscores the need for better public understanding and appreciation of the fiscal import of some of the foreign aids and trade decisions that the government undertakes.