Mexico - Your Escape on Winter Season

Nothing can beat the very cold feeling of winter season. Most people at this time just want to stay in bed all day or watch movies while drinking a hot cup of chocolate drink. It is the time when most people opt to stay indoors and find it difficult to do anything productive. The cold temperature makes them feel lazy and sleepy. What else can you do if the roads are slippery, if it is too cold outside or if the snow is even higher than you?

This is why most people in countries that experience the winter chill travel to topical places during the winter season. Since a winter vacation is not all about the snow or skiing destinations, it can also be a time to visit Mexico.

This country is a good consideration to get away from the winter cold in your place. It is known for their mild warm climate and their breathtaking beaches as well as attractions. One good thing to do here is to go play under the sun with family and friends play on Acapulco's Beaches! Aside from the sand, the scene is also so captivating, making you realize that Acapulco is definitely worth it.

Camina Real Acapulco Diamante

For a place to stay, they have a hotel called Camino Real Acapulco Diamante. It is located at Escenica St km 14, Baja Catita s/n, Acapulco, Guerrero 3986. Camina Real Acapulco Diamante is just by the Puerto Marqu's bay where there is a special and exclusively built spot for guests. The hotel looks like it is standing on rocks and it even seems so natural.

They have also made it especially open so that the guests will be able to see the beauty of the bay without compromising their safety. They also have luxurious pools that have an ocean view. Dining options include Cabo Diamante, an international restaurant, and La Vela, which specializes on seafood. Their rooms have private balconies, air conditioners, a satellite TV and so much more. Rates are averaged at $92.94.

Hotel Sands Acapulco

This is located at Costera M. Aleman 178, Acapulco 39300. Hotel Sands Acapulco is a very good option. They have an elegant interior and clean hotel. Their rooms are provided either with a single sized bed or you can get yourself or your spouse a king sized bed.