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Most Expensive Public Schools In England

Ensuring your children obtain a quality education at a high-achieving public school is one of the best investments you can make as a parent. These schools equip children with a top class education but also with the social and life skills needed to reap success in their future lives and careers. Curious to know more about educating your children? Here are some of the most expensive public schools in England.

Eton College, Eton

This is a top-ranked English public boarding school which was founded back in 1440. It remains a single-sex school for boys and has schooled numerous politicians, royal figures and celebrities throughout the years, including David Cameron, and of course the Princes William and Harry. If you want your children to follow in the footsteps of our very own Prime Minister then you will have to shell out £9,954 a term. Adding a hefty registration free, an entrance fee and a plethora of other extra costs, Eton can prove quite pricey even for the most well off parents.

Charterhouse School, Surrey

This English public school was founded in 1611 and has a strong religious tradition as it was originally founded as a monastery. For your child to attend Charterhouse, it will set you back £8,100 per term for day pupils and £9,810 for boarders. As well as its outstanding academic achievements, this leading English public school provides world class facilities in sport, music and drama which of course are great for any developing child.

The Kings School, Canterbury

Founded c.600, this is one of the oldest public schools in England. Its fees for the upcoming school year are £7,185 per term for day pupils and £9,275 for boarders. In terms of whether the school provides a good quality of teaching, its exam results speak for themselves with pupils regularly achieving top grades all across the board.

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