Peacock Cichlids

The Peacock Cichlid originates from Lake Malawi in Africa. The Peacock consists of 28 different species. This species has been inner bred so much it is very difficult to tell the original from a mix, therefore, when looking to purchase, only obtain from a reputable dealer, unless of course, it doesn't matter to you. The Peacocks are somewhat different from most Mbuna(rock dwellers) in that they prefer the more open spaces for swimming and eating and rocky areas for hiding and breeding.

1. The first Peacock we'll talk about is the African Butterfly, also known as the Fairy Cichlid or Lake Malawi Butterfly Cichlid. It is recommended to raise these in a 75 - 100 gallon aquarium, with a ratio of 4 - 5 females to every male. These guys will live for approximately 10-12 years, making them a very long term pet. They are a somewhat "messy" fish, it is recommended 20-50% water change per week.

2. Rubin Red Peacocks are smaller than most of their cousins. They will reach approximately 5 in. in length at maturity. It is recommended 1-2 females to every male with this type and also highly recommended to keep them in a 100 gallon tank. Colors are stunning in the Rubin Red, but be careful you get some that have not been inner bred for their coloring. As with most cichlids, these are mouthbrooders.