Six Ways to Accessorize Your Bridal Bouquet

Many brides are looking for truly special flowers for their big day. One of the ways to create a unique bridal bouquet is to use accessories. Nowadays you don't need to have just flowers; you can accessorize with items such as diamantes, pearls and natural foliages. Here are some ideas that you may like to try.

1. Placing diamantes into your wedding bouquet is now very popular. You can buy bridal pins with diamante ends. These can be pushed into the heads of flowers. They work very well with roses but can also be used with other flowers. You can also obtain them in a cluster, which can be arranged in between the flowers. These products are available from flower wholesalers.

2. Brooches are another way that you can add an individual touch to your bouquet. These are generally placed at the top of the handle just below the flowers. Some brides incorporate "something old" by using a brooch that belonged to their mother or grandmother.

3. Pearls are a great way to add interest to your wedding flowers. You can use pearl-headed pins, pearl beads or even a string of pearls. These are ideal if you are planning a vintage style wedding.

4. Some florists are experts at using contemporary sundries in their work. This includes items such as wire and feathers. Although using wire doesn't sound particularly romantic, the end results can be truly fantastic. Using items like this are particularly effective in modern bouquets.

5. Many wedding bouquets have a handle that is wrapped in white or ivory satin ribbon. Instead of this, you can obtain some material that is the same as your bridesmaid's dress, and give it to your florist. They will then be able to wrap the handle and your bouquet will instantly coordinate with your bridesmaids.