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The Department Of Energy Has Facts About Home Insulation

The Department of Energy has a vested interest in saving as much energy in the United States as possible. While the department is integral in forming policy about energy, the department also has a wing that disseminates public service announcements about energy, conservation, and consumption. On a daily basis, the public service sector of the US Department of Energy is constantly trying to figure out how to convince more Americans to lower their energy consumption to an array of different ends. More specifically, those who have or who are considering home insulation are among those who comprise targeted audiences for public service announcements by the Department of Energy.

The Department of Energy is quick to remind Americans that their heating and cooling averages for approximately 50-70% of the energy used in the average home. Because of this, the department has released a variety of public service announcements that speak directly to the importance of home insulation. In one announcement in particular, the DOE states that inadequate and improperly installed insulation is one of the leading causes of energy waste in American homes.

The facts speak for themselves. Home insulation saves money as well as the overall resources used by the nation. Installing adequate material also makes a home more comfortable by helping to maintain a constant temperature throughout the house, making indoor living comfortable for multi-person families. It also makes walls, ceilings, floors, and other structures cooler in hotter months and warmer in cooler months. As this has advantages for both the consumer and the nation as a whole, the Department of Energy has spent millions spreading various facts and tips to the public at large in order to conserve vital resources.

The cost savings that this form of insulation affords consumers around the nation are irrefutable. As housing prices continue to drop, and more Americans find themselves working for less, saving money on electricity bills would seem to be of the utmost of importance. Indeed, Americans are finding all sorts of ways to cut back on their energy use and consumption. These are just a few approaches.

The Department of Energy has gone on to remind citizens to live sustainably, shut off lights and other electrical appliances when not using them, invest in green lighting, and pay attention to their overall energy consumption throughout the year. Only when more Americans appreciate how much they use versus how much they need will the country's energy woes be truly tended to with due diligence.

As more technologies become affordable for the commercial market, such as green lighting sources, solar paneling, and renewable technologies, Americans might truly begin to cut back on how much they use. While installing efficient home insulation is just one way to help in the effort, it is a small first step toward the country becoming truly energy independent. Hopefully, it will one day become fully self-sustaining, efficient, and affordable for all.

By: Aarthur