The Types of Crystals Used in Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers are perhaps the best embellishments you can ever decorate your homes with. Because they are hanged up high in the ceiling, they can be easily appreciated by visitors coming in your house. And because they are crystal made, they shine like no other ornamental piece in your home.

In choosing crystal chandeliers, you need to be gifted with an eye for the crystal Since this is the main attraction in the chandelier, it has to be perfect enough for your homes. Before purchasing these lighting fixtures, you need to know well about the types of crystals used in chandeliers. Doing so would mean choosing the perfect crystal chandelier for home use.

The Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski is the finest crystal in the world. It originated in Austria where the most beautiful crystal pieces are born. It is said that the Swarovski crystal is as clear as the spring water. It has unique brilliance and beauty which a crystal should clearly possess. The Swarovski crystal is also available in many colors. There are silver, gold, and other crystal colors with mirror-like quality. Today, Swarovski is used in many crystal chandeliers because of the invisible coating around it that allows for easier cleaning.

Handcut Crystals

Handcut crystals exude in quality. They undergo several processes before a piece of crystal is finally made. Others use the heritage method where the crystal undergoes certain cuts through iron and sandstone wheel. Optical crystals, on the other hand, involve the use of certain modern equipment which is remarkably refractive.

Legacy Crystals

If you prefer crystals made from Venice, then the Legacy crystal is perfect for you. Their crystals are molded and fire-polished instead of being cut. Usually, Venetian crystals offer an antique look in homes. Most designers today prefer this type of crystal for a more genuine appeal.