The Worlds Greatest Mystery - The Crystal Skulls Part II

In the first part of this article we introduced the Crystal Skulls and gave some history. However, we didn't speak much about the various theories that have been speculated about their origins or why the crystal skulls seem to attract or hold special frequencies of energies which have a profound effect upon any individual they encounter. Finally, to illustrate how the crystal skulls function, I will site a few personal experiences in my 27 years of being around what I call the "Crystal Friends". It is my hope that this article and others we will be writing will help people to understand what a crystal skull is and why it is vitally important to the future of all of humanity.

Now one area I haven't addressed which I think would help our readers (I mean I am always curious about this myself when I study a new subject, so I must assume so shall some of you) is why an individual would get involved with the crystal skulls which is not your normal field of study. Not only involved and fascinated but willing to spend almost half of their life even. So let's start here.

Imagine it is April of 1983 and you are only 28 years old. At this point of your life you are going on a spiritual journey of self discovery and traveling on faith. You have no idea where you are going, how long you will stay and what will be coming up for you in the near future but you trust this is the correct path for you to live.

Then you find yourself visiting a metaphysical bookstore in San Jose, California, just across from the Rosicrucian Park. You are there to see the owner, Francoise, who is a good friend (possibly was even your mother in a past life) and also coincidentally one of her sons had the exact same birthday as yourself. Francoise shares a photo of a remarkable artifact - a quartz skull, made of amethyst - about the size of a young adult's skull. As you are viewing this photograph, you recognize this object within yourself - but why, how and from when, you have no clue. Next, you feel an inner earthquake inside of you while viewing the photo - your body is vibrating wildly inside (not outside) - again what is causing this? Then maybe just 15 or 20 minutes later, the table that the photo is lying upon starts shaking violently as well. As there was a real earthquake in the area just south of San Jose. Coincidence? A Sign? Your Desinty?

Anyway, somehow this sequence of (pre-ordained?) events triggers an inner knowing that the crystal skulls are very very important for the future of humanity and not only must you see this specific skull in person (which you do a few days later and really feel its energy and its aliveness) but you have to search out the others, by what ever means you can and share the best information you are able to collect. Who would ask for a job like this? Who would agree to a job like this (the pay is not always the best) but this is exactly what happened to me and has been a life's work since then.

Of course, today as we mentioned before, we have many modern carvers using predominately diamond tipped tools making crystal skulls not only of quartz crystal (which is a material of a fair high hardness and not easy to carve) but also of many other types of gemstones. So crystal skulls are turning up everywhere. But the older skulls, some of which we mentioned in Part I of this article are not so available. But still just in Mexico alone, over one hundred (including several hollow skulls) are literally just coming out of the ground all over the country within recent years, so the revealing publicly of these hidden skulls has begun. Almost like someone turned on a switch since the middle part of the 1990's and now its literally flooding with new skulls coming out almost every day.

Speaking of Mexico, I had an opportunity to visit there twice in 2009. The first time I met Maestro Rosales, who is a famous muralist. He has a great love for Mesa American artifacts (Mayans, Aztecs, Toltec) but not only to collect but to protect them. Since he is so well loved in Mexico, the government allows him to keep these artifacts (which he wants to create a museum for) as long as he doesn't take them out of the country. And of course during my visit I saw five crystal skulls he had, three were the hollow type and one was a large (human-sized) clear quartz skull, all found within the ground. Also during this visit in March, I met the famous journalist Jaime Maussan, who is known for his reports of UFO activities in Mexico but Senior Maussan had his own crystal skull (found when they were digging to open up a foundation of a building) a larger then human-size rose call skull which he called "Rosie". Also Senior Maussan did an interview with me for his show.

The second visit to Mexico (Mexico City) was for a crystal skull conference offered by a friend where I had a chance to speak. And once again, the participants of the conference brought crystal skulls - some amazing crystal skulls that we had never seen before, people were buying at stores or having relatives passing them down. Some of these skulls were intricately carved and made, with symbols carved into the stone and others were primitive or hollow.

But lets move on to some theories discussed within the crystal skull world about how some of the older crystal skulls (those which have very precise details in their design plus are generating a lot of kilobytes of energy) may have been created and by whom. Atlantis seems to be a common point of origin. We have heard about 13 large temples that existed throughout various parts of Atlantis with the possibility of each one containing a crystal skull which functioned like an oracle. By this we mean that if you did a meditation with the skull, it could impart great wisdom into you or wake up knowledge buried deep inside our subconscious. Healing is also discussed by people who have past life memories of working with crystal skulls in the temples of Atlantis. Either a healer would hold or touch a crystal skull and then place their hands on the area of the body where the person is afflicted or even just placing the person near a crystal skull physically, activating the skull with color/light/sound and then the energy emanated through the skull would completely remove any illness or physical problem.

As far as related to a few ideas about how the crystals skulls from these far times in the past may have been manufactured here is a few thoughts:

a) Perhaps there was some type of laser cutting system used on a large block of quartz controlled by a computer to make its form?

b) Were the skulls gifts given to Atlantis by a Galactic Civilization?

c) Was the power of the mind (or by a race very evolved) used to change bone into quartz or by some technologies we do not possess today nor can even imagine?

d) Some people feel the crystal skulls (possibly with crystal bodies) were manifested by spiritual or dimensional beings who solidified their light body to have it become physical.

e) The ancient civilization of Lemuria also has legends and stories stating that they might also have created crystal skulls - part of this can be interpreted from legends told within various indigenous tribes that exist today. Too many theories and possibilities, yes?

The last source we have heard from deals with the idea of a Hollow Earth. This implies the earth is hollow with a mini-sun at the very core. Gravity holds the residence of our world either on the outer surface (like where we live) or an inner surface which then receives sunlight 24 hours a day due to the inner sun. It is said satellites flying over the true North Pole are able to take photos of an opening that exists there which explains the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights in the sky). And that is, this light is a reflection of the inner sun as clouds pass over the opening at the North Pole. Therefore, if this theory is correct, there could be people living inside and purportedly they are very advanced and have their own sets of crystal skulls again used to store information and energy.

One other possibility, which is of course unproven, is that maybe some of the crystal skulls have been brought back from the future, in order to assist humanity in some way. Since we are not totally sure how these very old skulls were made, why couldn't future people slip some of their skulls in here then? Who would know?

But how are the crystal skulls helping people today besides being a curiosity? Well many people are using the crystal skulls for their personal spiritual growth or energy. By meditating with an awakened or energized crystal skull - this can act as a catalyst to bring out your spiritual gifts (inner vision / 3rd eye; enhanced dreams, sensitivity to different forms of energy; hearing spirit or your inner self; helping to have clarity about one's life purpose or world mission). But a person needs to remember that as they seek to have these inner openings and know themselves better, there also can come very intense transformations (like a "death and a rebirth"). So sometimes the crystal skulls also act to bring out blockages which can be temporary down time.

The last area, I will just mention briefly, just to go give you an idea of how complex the study of the crystal skulls are, is a type of scientific research we have done linked to our understanding of the paranormal nature of the crystal skulls. Since so many people have felt an energy (not known from where it comes) within or around the crystal skulls and this energy has had a powerful effect the people it touches, we have to see what can we learn about this energy.