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Tips For Finding The Best Drug Rehab Program

When people start looking for drug rehabilitation programs, they often find out that it is much more difficult to decide which program to choose. There are a lot of options and this can thus be quite confusing for some people.

The reason for so many different types of programs is the growing number of addicts. The programs have a wide array of options within them such as from family involvement to day treatment facilities. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

1. Public programs are cheaper, but at the same time cannot provide the doctor to patient ratio that private facilities can.

2. Private programs are more expensive, but besides the large number of doctors, they also have spas, swimming pools, anonymity, and other luxurious options.

3. Outpatient treatment is most recommended for people who do not have a major addiction and can kick the addiction themselves without need for detoxification.

4. Inpatient treatments require you to check into a rehab for weeks at a time, which means you must put your life on hold. However, this is a good option if you can't kick the addiction just with outpatient treatment.

5. Long term inpatient treatment is recommended for people who have tried everything and failed. This puts them in a rehabilitation facility for several months.

6. Day treatment is a facility that is offered to patients who spend the entire day in therapy, but go home at night. This is great for people who can't leave their children alone at home, but have an addiction that needs more intensive therapy than outpatient treatment can provide.

7. Families are sometimes required to come in for either group or individual therapy sessions where they can talk to the group or patient about the addiction and how it has impacted their lives. It also provides the addict with an opportunity to address any familial factors that resulted in the addiction.

8. Group therapy is an integral part of therapy, so make sure whichever program you sign up with has this service.

9. Drug rehabilitation starts with a detoxification period which usually is of two weeks. During this period, the patient goes through withdrawal and may need specialised medical care. Make sure whichever program you sign up with has a plan for this time period as well.